By combining state-of-the-art endpoint protection systems and professional analysis, your business remains safe from all cyberthreats, 24x7x365

Bell TCG’s security solutions identify areas where your business data is most vulnerable. We’ll assess your entire network, create a detailed report, and patch up weaknesses. Bell TCG will even work with your staff, teaching and training them on how to recognize and respond to potential threats and alerts.


Our experts also conduct continual testing, perform routine maintenance, and regularly upgrade the programs we’ve installed, which means your data is protected even from the latest cyberattacks

Your data is safe behind Bell TCG's wall of:

  • Professional analysis - trained, certified experts look after your systems constantly and identify and resolve cyberthreats as quickly as possible
  • Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) - detects threats based on different methods such as signature analysis, previous attacks, and suspicious activity
  • Email/spam protection - keeps your inbox clean and safe with email encryption and the best scam/spam detection tools on the market
  • Advanced anti-virus - stops sophisticated viruses and other malicious malware from harming your systems in real time


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